Urban Method was formed in May 2011 combining different musicians originally based in Denver, Colorado. Each member was known through performing in different A Cappella groups or on the local scene and recording at Sonic Audio, owned by group founder Tony Huerta.

Urban Method is credited for creating a unique blend of A Cappella and Hip-Hop music commonly referred to as “Rap-A-Pella”. Boasting an eclectic bunch of performers, Urban Method burst onto the scene during the fall of 2011 when they secured a spot on NBC’s nationally televised talent competition, The Sing-Off.
As 1 of the 16 groups to appear on season 3 of The Sing-Off, Urban Method pushed their way into the finals with their cutting-edge sound, hard hitting rhythm section, sultry female leads, and a truly captivating rap artist.

Although being credited as the innovators of “Rap-A-Pella”, Urban Method appeals to a fan base of all ages with music spanning the Country, R&B, Pop, & Rock, Genres. No matter what your taste in music, the infectious A Cappella blend and high energy show will pull you in and convince you that all musical styles are possible by using only the human voice.