Sunday, February 1, 2015


All-Vocal Hip Hop

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Urban Method article by Troy Horne

A cappella Here A cappella There A cappella Everywhere!

 Hey Urban Method folks today was a crazy day for a cappella! First I see that Urban Method has been mentioned on IMDB. That is the Internet Movie Database if you don’t know, now you know! (Biggie Smalls)  Take a look. They said that we KILLED the performance!! WHAT!!!! Take a look. IMDB Article: TV Replay […]

Urban Method article by Katie Turley

Katie’s Thoughts- Vocal Point

It was so hard to see Vocal Point go this week. Both of their songs were just great, especially that Bobby Brown song with all that choreo, some of those boys can dance better than I can! Each and every one of the Vocal Point boys are so talented, kind and so much fun! Urban […]

Urban Method article by Myke Charles

Feeling Good – In The Buff

Sup tho, For those who don’t know, I was in a college A Cappella group called In The Buff for four years. you can check them out here: This past weekend In The Buff celebrated their 18th Birthday. The alums came back and we watched the current members perform and took the stage with […]

Urban Method article by Liz Ager

“Take Me Down”

Everyone in Urban Method lives and breathes music. Of course, we all love a cappella, but one of the things that I think makes our group so awesome is that we are all deeply immersed in music of many kinds. From Broadway to funk to classical, someone in our group is passionate about just about […]

Urban Method article by Kim Dawson

Just Plain Happy

What’s up, Urban Methoders?! What a whirlwind it has been the last couple of weeks. I want to thank all of you for supporting us, and I assure you that you have not heard the last of Urban Method! We’ve got so much more in store for you! The Sing-Off was an amazing ride. We […]

Urban Method article by Richard Steighner

Castle Rock Radio Interviews

Wanted to take a minute and give a quick shout out and thanks to our friends at Castle Rock Radio who helped us to promote our show on February 25th at the Paramount.  They are selling wonderfully fast, so grab up the last few while you can! Click below to catch the Castle Rock Radio […]


Here is Urban Method’s first music video, Me & You.  Written by UM’s very own, Liz Ager.  Check it out and share it with everyone you know!

Recorded February 25, 2012 LIVE ar the Paramount Theater in Denver, Colorado.  Audio by Sonic Audio and Video by ZumiProductions